Misija: Iedrošināt rīkoties

"If you are born poor it's not your fault, but it is, if you die one." - Bill Gates

If you don't know what you want, you will get what is left over!

About Aris Birze!

Born in Kuldiga, Latvia (1989) he had first six years living at his grandmothers house in country side. After moving to small town and finishing his primary school life gave his first big challenge and he become an orphan. During same period he moved to different city to study about computer technician profession at Saldus Professional Secondary school​.

In 2009 he begun his first job experience as computer technician and continued to get bachelor degree in business management.

Around 2011 quitting his job and university he moved to Germany and it slowly changed his whole life. For three years working seasonal jobs and in production sites his first big realization downed - "I live by the rules or others and not my own life."

During 2013 he emerged into personal development culture and immediately started to change his life that resulted in returning back to Latvia. Early 2015 he dared to take five month adventure challenge around India and Nepal while shooting documentary movie about it. While traveling was created notes for his first book "Nebaidies | Don't be scared."

2016 he co-founded travel agency "PostNos" which is still fast growing company, but Aris left it  during 2017 to start his vision and life his mission in Education Center "SPIIKIIZI" to provide "Individual and group trainings."

His mission is: Breakthrough for results.

Currently most of his time goes to studying Psychology, giving private consultations to managers and leaders and building his education center SPIIKIIZI: Researching effective techniques, creating and hosting engaging training's and seminars. Writing third book and recently published his second book "Pabeidz iesākto" ("Complete").

Studies Psychology at Latvian University

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+371 27653136

SIA "SPIIKIIZI Riga", Latvija

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