Pain = Changes

Rarely someone changes because of having good times and all happening as they want.

Pain is one of the biggest motivator for change and you always have at least two choices what to do when it hits you:

Complain and go into Victim position, or

Stop and think how to make this better, so it might never happen again. To think how to improve your situation and in best case, to remember you had it, so to not repeat it.

Few days ago got my back hurt and couldn't move for few days, which lead me thinking. Who will run my self-development center if I can't physically move.

Conceptual ideas that I need to make it so stable and independent, that even when I'm not there or involved, everything is still happening in companies best interests.

This leads me to more thinking and strategic planning, which you will probably hear more about in future, but for you. Think about pain as an opportunity to stop and think. See yourself from above - literally!

Imagine your self and all your situation from above. Fly out of your body in your minds eye and see how is everything evolving around you with your action and without your action. Like what you see?

If not. It's time for change :)

You #1 fan,

Aris Birze

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